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The phrase ” I just wanna be heard ” might be cliche, but to the Indie artist, you just want your music to resonate with likeminds. You want to spark a thought in the minds of those who share a common interest. The struggle is real. The music industry is a bitch and you’re faced with the dilemma of maintaining integrity and creativity or conforming just to be heard. It’s obvious what the right choice would be, if you stand for what you believe. I was inspired by nothing but a moment in time when I wrote this so I guess what I’m saying is fuck mainstream conformity bullshit. In the end the right people will gravitate to your lifestyle and the reward will be satisfying. At least that’s what I tell myself. One love.



The Trinity.

Hardbody shit.

Jackie Brown gets no love. That’s a shame seeing that its one of his best films.

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The Simpsons did The Hangover back in 1999. 

Every show/movies steals ideas from The Simpsons. They covere4d everything…

I remember this episode. Ned and Homer married the hookers and got kicked out of Vegas.

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